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New update activity: BATTLE ARENA 1vs1




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(Estimated update time: 6:00 am September 21)


Hioj4Ti.jpg (66×67) BATTLE ARENA 1vs1


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- Every day the player will have 10 free matches (refreshes at 4:00 every day). And buy 20 more matches with gold.

- Paired players will only be able to match with an opponent with a Rank equal to or higher than 1 rank (Bronze players can only pair with other Bronze or highest Silver rank players)

- This is a fixed activity that takes place continuously, players participate with 5 teammates and fight in the form of singles (1 vs 1)

- The order of fighting before and after is based on the fighting strength of each pair of teammates going to battle (high fighting force is beaten first)


Level RANK System


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How to calculate Cumulative Points


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Note: When a player reaches enough points for Up Rank, will enter the "Up Rank Round", the player needs to win 3 of the 5 matches of this "Up Rank Round" to be successfully up to the next Rank.

* Success: Rank up and +30 points

* Failure: Rank up failed and -50 points


How to calculate Cumulative Points

- Instead of ranking with difficult-to-own TOP rewards, a tiered RANK system will be applied in the activity with rewards sent out every week according to the player's respective RANK (every player  has a chance to claim the reward. high reward when achieving high RANK).

- The corresponding reward Rank is summed up at 10pm every Sunday, the player can receive the reward after this time until the next reward summation period (Until the next RANK summary, the unclaimed reward will be lost and replaced by the reward of the new review period).


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**Guilde download client, browser play game: http://bit.ly/playhtv


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